so here’s something delicious i end up eating often: flourless baked nutella with the texture of true brownies {hollapraize}. as an undergrad i fell in love with baking cookies and casseroles and cupcakes, so having to give up flour was also having to give up art. but God is so faithful in His giving of good gifts, and i have stumbled upon some recipes that make life without gluten a cake walk ~ at least in the bay. keeping up with my dietary commitments requires a bit more discipline in other regions of the country…

these brownies are the perfect compliment to a robert duvall western on a sunday afternoon: enjoy!

full disclosure: this pic is from nearly a year later (sept 2015) and was baked with 3 eggs, not two, which lends itself to a more cake texture.
flourless nutella brownies
one 13 oz jar of nutella + 2 eggs + 1/4 tsp of baking powder

bake at 350 for about 26 min

extras & good ideas
mix in chocolate chips for a bit of a molten effect {when warm}
couple with french vanilla ice cream & live on the wild side for brekky

watch youtube videos of rad folks in london and ireland and incorporate their slang into your everyday life.

~ b

One response to “manna from heaven”

  1. […] consist mainly of some spread or butter or another, eggs, and chocolate chips {not unlike the manna from heaven}. so ya. i think it would be absolutely dope to run a food truck or a beach side bakery-cafe called […]



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