there’s this story called the parable of the talents. Jesus told it one day as a means of teaching on stewardship and work and worship. three men are given talents and two of them invest, doubling the resources with which they began. but the last guy, who had been given the least, did nothing with his one talent but bury it out of fear. and I’ve always just kind of been like, dang, sucks for that guy. and I’ve always gone about my merry way. but often, I am that guy. I am afraid of being noticed and judged and misunderstood and criticized; but I’ve been given this talent that – in some ways – requires an audience.  I am a storyteller. and given that so much of what I write comes from the Bible, the Gaelic might consider me a bard. but these stories don’t mean anything when you’ve got no one to tell them to, it’s true. and I was made for you. just ask brandi carlile. ha. so anyways, I got bored waiting for my sister and ended up recording videos in the bathroom. all the many songs I’ve written are just chillin in my Evernote because I’m afraid that people will think I’m the kind of person who records poor quality videos in her bathroom and posts them on the Internet. today I become that person and she’s decided not to be ashamed.

here’s a story I arranged from the content of the book of Judges. it follows the love life of Sampson and the way he allowed two different women to ruin his life and eat all his steak. It’s really a shame, because even having grown up in church, it took me twenty years to realize he had actually been one of the judges in Israel. I hope this song inspires you to read God’s story.

~ b

and also, a bonus track that I wrote yesterday because who knows when I’ll forget myself and post more videos online…


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