here’s a thing about me: i used to want to open a bakery. in high school, a friend and i decided we should call it bebe leche. mainly because we were exceedingly random and took spanish together for 6 years haha. after discovering/self-diagnosing a gluten allergy, i gave up baking in favor of chocolatiering, but have since returned to my first love. gluten free baking can get very complicated very quickly, but i sort of just decided to find recipes that were naturally flourless so as not to exert so many resources mixing and pressing and testing and experimenting. i don’t have time for that. however; i do have time for minimalism and simplicity, hence the new name and theme of my latent bakery dreams: butter.

my favorite gluten free baking recipes consist mainly of some spread or butter or another, eggs, and chocolate chips {not unlike the manna from heaven}. so ya. i think it would be absolutely dope to run a food truck or a beach side bakery-cafe called butter where all the things we make are naturally gluten free and incredibly delicious. like this almond joy chocolate chip butter cookie recipe i’ve spent fifteen minutes introducing. it’s gold.

what you need:

1 cup of almond butter {justin’s is the jam} + 1/2 c of granulated sugar + 1 egg + vanilla extract +  hella chocolate chips, according to your preference for the praise of His glory.

what you do:

mix all that ish in a bowl, then press the cookie balls flat onto a baking sheet, then let the 350 degree firey furnace of all things amazing work on them for 13-15 minutes.

how they taste:

uhmazing! whatdoyathink!? GAH!

slashalso ~ as a paranoid precautious side note ~ don’t steal my freaking butter truck idea, k thanks bye.

~ b

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