because i need reminding from time to time:

i’m not here to look good in size two brand name denim. i’m not here to have perfectly symmetrical pointed, swooped, or softened eyebrows. i’m not here to herald a thigh gap or shame someone whose body is shaped that way. i’ve had one, and i’ve also had no such thing.

what i am here to do is bring beauty into the world; to reflect the image of God; and to share in His glorious story of steadfast love and grace. and what i love about these truths is that there is room for all kinds of creative expression. there is room for eyebrow tutorials and styled designer denim and pilates and running and nutritional expertise. but i need to be reminded that none of those things define me, and i need to learn to live without scrutinizing the one body i’ve been given to do life in this side of the thunder under the sun.

and i need to remember not to let the world tell me my eyebrows aren’t good enough. even if they look more like cousins than sisters these days…

~ b

p o s t s c r i p t :: as an added bonus i thought i’d include a link to this hilarious gem of a video that obviously influenced my post title.


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