it’s  janjuverri as the fancy folks say…perhaps only in the south in unheard of counties where my roots first tasted the texture of soil. but january is totes muh jam cause it’s just so fresh and so new ~ brand new, a whole year to live through that none of us have ever lived through before. and even though it’s always winter never christmas and no more commercial holidays until valentine’s day, i say what a time to be alive!!  haha. i wrote a song this time last year called folding blue that i’ve decided to share. “and after dinner i thought i might read to you for an hour or two.” ha

so here is my story song song story:

the opening line of this song comes from Psalm 89:9 and the rest of it comes from the Gospel as gleaned from Psalm 107, as well as the stories of Jonah, Adam and Eve. my goal was to paint a picture of the true humanity of the actual real live people that walked the earth whose stories God decided to include in His holy scriptures as a means to demonstrate His character. like, just imagine being Adam and Eve and the horrible darkness of that o sh*** we effed up moment… and not knowing what would become of the world. and then, think of Jonah, generations later, being dumped into the middle of a deep and angry ocean: perhaps feeling just as deep in the grips of despair, perhaps remembering both the power and the mercy of God.

think on those things, but also pretty please read the bible because it’s important to know what the text actually says about things. i was especially reminded of that on my holiday when i sat through 2 1/2 traumatic hours of Russel Crowe pretending to be “Noah”… but we won’t even go there. No shade on Russell but i literally could not even when the {fictional} most wicked person on the earth SNEAKS INTO THE FREAKING ARK. ahem. so yah. as a songwriter who likes to tell the story of God, i am committed to biblical accuracy, sound doctrine, and fact checking. i love the challenge of hitting all those notes and still allowing space for connection and imagination in a song. thanks for reading my story song song story!! feel free to take a listen!!

 ~ b


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