two years ago i sat on the roof of my building ~ bundled up in a cloak i got from target ~ and stared at the city across the bay, and cried. and most of the time, when i cry i need a soundtrack. that night it was the title track of Josh White’s album, absolution. i’ve been listening to this album again this winter and contemplating the continuity that God gives me through music. it honestly seems sometimes that certain songs are the only source of continuity in my life. so much has seemed chaotic and disconnected: as if i’ve lived at least two different lives, like a refugee. and it all matters tremendously while earth still turns on its axis, and then one moment ~ suddenly ~ none of it will matter at all. so if you need a reminder in the mean time, find yourself a good roof and cry into absolution:

this album can be downloaded from noisetrade, but you should definitely leave a tip if you’re able!!

~ b


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