not to judge anyone… per se;

however, i came here today for a mini rant on public displays of grooming, maintenance, self adjustments, primping, whatever the case may have you nomenclate the situation as. When I Was Growing Up, my mom was as classy as they come. i mean, she was always classy, right to the very end, and she would hardly even condone the application of additional lotion or lip balm in public. it was always, wait till we get in the car or you need to find a restroom. and of all the southern charms i no longer find myself surrounded by, that’s one of the ones i miss the most. i just can’t get used to women {or men, for that matter} applying their make up on the train. as an introvert, i personally abhor being the center of unwarranted attention. unless i’m giving a presentation or there’s like, a reason for you to be looking at me, please don’t. haha. so that’s one reason i never so much as finish my mascara on the train.

but today.

today, there was a woman applying concealer on her blemishes in the middle of a standing room only BART car and i just was like, why? please don’t. it was so weird and it made me uncomfortable, and i just feel like as women we can do better, ya know. i just feel like applying your makeup and crayon-ing your blemishes in public detracts from your true and actual imperishable beauty, and subtracts from the feminine mystique our culture seems not to value any more.

and i know this might be offensive to some people, some women. i’m sure there’s some sort of passionate rebuttal about how oppressive it is to conceal women ~ from blemishes to making sure they stay hidden in the bathroom or the kitchen and like, all these other things.

all i’m saying is that if you choose to groom…

please groom at home…EVERYONE. please groom at home or in the restroom.

men, women, children. aunts, uncles, nephews, primos, sobrinhas:

if it’s more than burt’s bees or a buxom tube, or some lotion on your hands, please just find some place less public to be.

and i know the real issue is me and my city fatigue.

but i do think that the privatization of public space ~ in that most public space has become privatized, as well as thinking of it in the way by which people without adequate private space use public space for private things ~ has something to say about our culture. and how we don’t seem to value privacy any more. except in ways that are weird and distinctly American.

so anyways, that’s muh rant.

and i’m a hypocrite. because i definitely pop vitamins & write blog posts from the front desk, so… there’s that.

~ b


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