last night i had the grand and amazing opportunity to go see Brooke Fraser at The Independent in San Francisco. i’m not typically one to fangirl, but i’ve been swooning over brookey boo since my teenage years.

oneuntil yesterday, i had not gotten a chance to see her perform live, but had kept up with her through different social media avenues, and watching interviews on youtube. i’m just fascinated by the story the Lord has written for her, and the methodology and process of her songwriting. getting to see her share her gifts from the front row last night was such a treat. and let me tell you, she’s quite the comedian. ha.


photo courtesy slash shout out to my friend @crynfiction for holdin’ it down. her fancy new iPhone definitely captured the night better than my measly 5c photos. but if you’re interested in takin a gander at those, traipse on over to my vsco grid.

threebrookey, we love you!! come to brazil!!

~ b


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