i think things like taxes have a very particular way of commanding the eye to cast itself on earthly concerns.


to some government.


if for no other reason than to make us yearn for the heavenly kingdom to come… you know in addition to maintaining roads and buying text books and all the other lofty claims that are made.

and can we just not talk about a penalty for not being enrolled in health care? i mean, where’s Ron Swanson when you need him?? but we won’t. we just won’t talk about that.

in other closely related news, the w4 form is apparently much less intuitive (see what i did there) than one would imagine.

whatever you do, don’t over claim your “allowances”.

oh. my. word.

it just now occurred to me that they mean “allowances” like yodelayheewhoo… right? so then why are my paychecks so skimpy?? i’m confused… and should probably hire someone…

moral of the story: 

america whomps.

come, Lord Jesus.

Titus, i swear i’m trying to come visit!!

before you start writing and learn how to drive…

~ aunt b


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