1. i always come up with such epic passwords and i want to tell people what they are…which profoundly defeats the purpose of having a password. i thought of that because i chuckled to myself {ctm} as i signed in to wordpress from the front desk of the talent staffing agency i clearly work so diligently at.

2. google is slipping; i thought for sure they’d’ve thrown together some fancy array in honor of Valentine’s Day for their homepage.

3. i’m having a little shindig this weekend for my old sunday school class…lil’ something for the kids; lil something for the cheelrin… ha.

4. 10,000 weight in gold.

never feels like treasure, till you lose it all.


this album. ok, disclaimer: i cherry picked certain tracks and schmorgeshborged my own EP from it, but i have heard the whole thing before and it’s hella dope. there’s some explicit language on the track ‘Gone’, so be warned. but for what it’s worth, it’s not cheaply placed and does add something to the lyrical content. so {if you don’t have super sensitive ears… haha} treat yoself.

61GWhfvALPLhappy weekend!!

~ b


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