so much of what i’ve learned about good storytelling

i’ve learned from Blaine Hogan.
here’s a borrowed photo of my art sensei

i’m currently re-reading his best-selling book, Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process, and it’s fascinating to see how much i’ve grown as a person and an artist since the first time i read it…and because i read it.

this year i’ve been pruning and streamlining what social media tools and apps and profiles i have. it happens every couple of years or so. i usually get overwhelmed by all the options and all the voices and just want some quiet, remote simplicity. it’s in these seasons that i most appreciate a low key, “old school” blog post.

Blaine’s got a good story on his blog this week.

everyone should read it.

P O S T S C R I P T:

Blaine, if you’re reading this,

i totally wanted to leave a comment

but disqus was one of the platforms i recently 86’d. ha.

~ b

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