so i was going to make an adapted batch of this recipe as a going away sentiment for the job i’m quitting next friday {the life i lead}.

but then, last night happened and i ended up making and eating 1/2 the batch already, sooo yah.

a thing that happened.

the adaptation is simple ~ just add 2 tbsp of cocoa powder,

and use  a tbsp of vanilla extract.

i think; didn’t bother to measure, just eyeballed everything.

like my grandmother used to do on sunday afternoons.


the other aspect of this post is a shoutout to Roo Panes. if you haven’t heard his EP, Land of the Living, hasten your fingers to the itunes store and download, for it is pure Dorset magic.

first off, i appreciate a good EP. especially for those of us who’s attention spans have suffered under the weight and frenzy of 21st century living.

but also,

glory days.

this song is so rich.

and to say much more would really just take away from the time you could be spending listening to it.

so i have to tell myself this post is done.


~ b


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