Nine times out of ten I find myself  pronouncing ‘preserves’ in the same old lady Nova Scotia accent that Aunt Hattie used when reprimanding Sarah Stanley on Avonlea. Side note ~ I never realized before now that Sarah Stanley had two first names. Ha. They’re just gender split. 

Anyways, I came here to exhort you to begin incorporating preserves and jams and jellies into your world. Good old, three ingredient, non high fructose corn syrup (regardless of the fact that corn is a fruit and syrup comes from a bush). I don’t really cook, so much as just ‘make food’ haha. And in recent months I’ve been having egg sandwhiches on gfree frozen waffles with either fresh avocado or cranberry sauce (left over from the holidays ha), or preserves; but yesterday afternoon I found that I was really not too much interested in salt and pepper chicken, and my stubb’s was looking crusty around the edges (and therefore unappetizing). But I also wanted something lighter on the palate and the plate, sooo I added apricot preserves to my chicken. It was delishush. In addition to the apricot chicken, the meal consisted of kale, red rice, butternut squash ~ roasted, and carrots ~ also roasted.

So yah. Hopefully this isn’t one of those lame life hacks that everyone already knows about but some people feel compelled to post as if they just came up with it ~ hey everybody! Look at all the ways to use a mason jar! And everyone south of the Mason Dixon line and east of the Mississippi just rolls their eyes and sips sweet tea from a 75 year old Atlas. Ha.

Who am I kidding, it’s probably exactly like that.

~ b


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