Confession: sometimes I visit the urban dictionary for sheer edutainment. It usually only lasts three clicks of the shuffle button before I become appalled at the state of our society and find something else to do. all that to say that I was thoroughly amused to find “drink things through” as one of the ud entries. Just because I love the brilliant play on words and the semantic priming and the assonance.

So with that in mind, I present to you my “sing things through” dump list. What Blaine Hogan calls his scratch pile, I’ve always referred to as my dumplist… For no other reason than I dump all the lingering songs of any given genre into a single playlist and let the shuffle function do its glorious thang:

just kids | mat kearney *

the nature of things | the herbert bail orchestra

maps | yeah yeah yeahs

my home | talisco

lovely | talisco

stunner | milky chance

loveland (studio version) | milk chance

loveland (bonus track) | milky chance

headache | seryn

paths | seryn

the wind and the storm | seryn

first mind | nick mulvey

cucurucu | nick mulvey

nitrous | nick mulvey

i don’t want to go home | nick mulvey

someday | the strokes

west coast | coconut records 

wake up | arcade fire

say i won’t | lecrae (feat. andy mineo) *

all falls down | kanye west

i’m good | trip lee (feat. lecrae) *

the invasion (hero) | trip lee *

the show goes on | lupe fiasco

young, wild & free (clean version) | snoop dogg & wiz khalifa

from eden | hozier

shake me down | broken witt rebels

I haven’t had such an ecclectic dump in quite sometime, so it will be interesting to see what comes out of me in the next couple of months!!

~ b

* well written music; gospel perspective * 


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