Yall pray for my eyebrows. Or my vanity. Either will do. In addition to wonky 4pm eyebrows (they were better this morning, I promise) today’s upload features a song I wrote on Wednesday. In my head, the performance style is kind of a return to the country genre, which is actually where my songwriting began (fun fact). The capo I ordered has not yet arrived ~ and according to the supplier reviews on Amazon, may never arrive ~ so we have the privilege of me writing yet another song out of my range. Lolz. Happens all the time, which is how I know I’m primarily a writer (as opposed to a singer/musician). But on the flip side, my skillz are improving bit by bit. And guys only want girlfriends that have good skillz, so maybe I won’t be single much longer. Ha. One can only hope.

Back to the post at hand: mud. So I found myself with an unexpected paid week off, hollapraize, and naturally I traipsed myself down to the valley and ended up in the gloriously sprawling suburban Walnut Creek Target where Mud (starring Matty Mccon.) was visually merchandised in the check out line for $5.

Yall. This movie. I wanted to see it when it first came out, but not enough to make it happen, so I was kind of just waiting for to be $5 at Target, and the day finally arrived!! After doing some journalling in the gloriously sprawling suburban Walnut Creek library, I traipsed myself back to Btown and watched Mud… and got stressed out and had to brew a cup of hot tea and write a song before googling the ending to determine if I could handle it or not. Ha.

And this is the song that I wrote. Just imagine Dierks Bentley or Jennifer Nettles singing it. *gasp** or they could collaborate!! Yall pray for my songwriting career so I don’t have to be indefinitely funemployed and going to Target so often that they determine my RedCard to have suspicious activity. Yes, a true thing that happened.

~ b


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