yall. I have been trying to upload this video for like ever. Can’t promise it will have been worth the wait. ha. But you know the drill ~ I believe in my songwriting ability and have to work with what I’ve got.

Side note: if anyone knows non sketchy musicans with garage band skillz in the Bay Area that want to help me with my album, give a holler. My contact info is under the “pigeon post” page. 

This song was written to express the parallel concept of our stories having meaning and all the chaotic bits being much more intentional than they seem. I believe that because I believe in a God who is constantly at work in the lives and hearts of the people to whom he gives breath, but damn if it ain’t hard to see the hope sometimes, ya feel?

The metaphor works to communicate the trained eye and commitment it takes to see the lines that shape the dots together; and also something about the longevity and basic agreement of the locations and shapes of constellations across cultures and ages; and also a nugget of fascination that God refers to constellations in the bible.

Voilà: constellations

In other news, I finally got a capo. Hollapraize. Shout out to Jung Yi who sponsored the purchase. If any of you know someone in the Bay Area who needs either ADD testing, or psychotherapy, hit up the pigeon post page and I can give you Jung’s info.

The next song I upload will likely be the one I wrote last week using my new magic clip. Thanks for listening!!

~ b


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