well yall, i’m taking the plunge.

my super sweet and talented friend is helping me record some stuff to put up on noisetrade and bandcamp, and let me tell you i am all kinds of all over the place. because i write quite a bit, and am unimpressed with my own musicianship, i don’t tend to really sit with the songs i’ve written and absorb the fact that i’ve given life to a piece of art work that did not exist in the universe until it existed in my heart, and could not be enjoyed experientially until God gave me the grace and wherewithall to write it. this became rather evident to me last week as my friend and i sat down to work on the first track that i wanted to share. i had written the song two days before we met up, and after several attempts of recording, i realized i still didn’t know the song that well. i didn’t know what i wanted to do with it vocally;  and even though in my head i could hear it whole, i wasn’t in a place to be able to bring the phantom into the realm of audibility.

so yeah, a thing that’s happening… we’ll hopefully be getting this song up on the interwebs in the next week or two! in the meantime feel free to take a gander at my place holding noisetrade and bandcamp pages.

also, i’ll be shifting tumblr gears.

enjoy the weekend!

~ b


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