things that make me cry off my Elizabeth Arden mascara

the first half of May because Mother’s Day

the second of half of May because memories and living in a college town

throwback Keith Urban songs

the art God has given me to make

the list loads of songs I have written and knowing that any day I could write another really good one…

the bittersweet ache of that thing called time, and feeling God teach me that it’s actually not my enemy after all

the fact that I walked past a man laying on the sidewalk and grasping up at people because what else was I supposed to do and there are too many questions all at once and by the time it sinks in deep I am fourteen paces past him with tears collecting in the corner of overwhelmed eyes but all you’d see is a hardset jaw behind reflective badass aviators

homeless people who seem to have more hope than even I do, with cardboard signs that are scrawled out with “everyday is Christmas.” 

yall, everyday is Christmas. that is the deepest truth I have unexpectedly encountered in I don’t even know how long.

~ b

2 responses to “things that make me cry off my Elizabeth Arden mascara”

  1. I actually read this one right after you posted it and briefly thought about trying to write my own list of things that make me cry off my (cheap Walmart mascara) but then my list was dumb and not cool at all like yours. Oh well

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