do you just have weird things you do sometimes, like little voices for no apparent reason? when i was in college i had a super sweet friend named Alyssa who had a weird lispy voice she’d use to say “study snacks” in, and for some reason that’s the way i’ve started saying Santa Cruz in my head. ha.

anywho, i finally got a chance to go to SC last month; and let me tell you, it has become my beloved. i went with my harpist friend, KL, who is one of the fun day-trip buddies the Lord has blessed me with.

in honor of the fact that i’m obsessed with my new blog theme, and itching to go back ‘home’, here are some pics from SC on a grey day in May:

and also, these:

i’m rusty on my blogging skills, so i’ll just end this post as awkwardly and abruptly as a phone call with a red-headed nerd.



2 responses to “shantcha cruzge”

  1. I’ll have to show these pictures to Gordon…he went on summer project to Santa Cruz like about 100 years ago and still talks about it like it was yesterday



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