Remember when it used to be a thing to like, shoutout blogs you followed? ha. I started blogging back in 2009, but have a purging problem and deleted my first two blogs. I know: kind of defeats the purpose of curating and recording things. Anywho, there a few ladies I’ve kept up with on and off since then, and a few new ones I’ve met IRL or stumbled upon as calendar pages have turned. Following is a short list of¬†women who encourage and inspire me with their creativity, love for the Lord, and/or all around supercute-ness:

Ree!! because obviously, yes.

Yammie. who is getting married and moving to Berlin. cray.

Mallorie, whom I’ve actually met IRL through a mutual friend. beautiful little family.

Meg, whose photos of her home and momlife were so, so comforting when I was nesting like crazy but still 2 1/2 years away from completing my undergraduate degree.

Shauna who served as a beautiful example of what it’s like to walk through losing your mom to illness.

jami nato, because discipleship is hilariously difficult and penelope is a turtle.

rubyellen. it’s been so cool to watch her children and garden grow.

stacy bostrom. her photos are a foretaste of heaven to me.

jodi mockabee. i LOVE how serene and budget friendly her lifestyle is.


If you’re in the market for some fresh content with summer approaching; pop in and visit these ladies’ spaces!! I don’t know what their posting schedules will be like, but their archives are definitely worth a perusal.

~ b


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