jobs i’ve had: campaign call center

I started this blog while working for a staffing agency in downtown San Francisco (hashtag FIDI. pound it). But as I’ve been praying about what I should do with my life these days that will actually put some money in my pocket and new tubes of mascara in my go to day bag that I got for $12 on clearance (bless), I’ve honestly been wondering like, How Long, O LORD?? haha. Because I’m really not ‘cut out’ for the workforce. I would really just rather be a homemaker and go shopping for groceries in the middle of the day and fold laundry and clean the kitchen till it sparkles and wash out the bathtub with dish soap (life hack) and bake gluten free treats and write things. So yah. Still hoping I get my dream job one day, but in the meantime I thought I’d revisit the nine jobs I’ve had since graduating from UNC three years ago with a B.A. in Psychology and a Jewish Studies concentration.

First up, The Call Center. I actually had a really difficult time finding a job when I first graduated and traipsed myself and a single suitcase across the continent. No one really seemed to care about my UNC degree because I don’t know how to build an app, and I was like SUPER green and traumatized by living in the Bay Area because I really felt like Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, NC was as much ‘city’ as I could¬†handle. As per usual God had other ideas and I have gotten to see his faithfulness, provision, and steadfast love as I’ve worked in the Bay for the past three years.

The first job I got in California was in November of an election year, and a friend of my sister’s heard word about an evening call center that was being hosted in a church down University Avenue in Berkeley. The perks of the job were free pizza and I think like, $400 for the two weeks of working. Or maybe $800? I don’t remember. I signed up for the job around the same time I started watching Parenthood and felt all relevant and claim to fameish because Parenthood takes place in Berkeley, and it may have been the season when Kristina works for Bob Little. The not so perky portions were that I was still sketched out by riding the BART and it was November so it was like dark at 5:17 and I’m introverted and call centers are basically chaos.

The task at hand was to call up random folks and ask them if they had heard about the educational proposition we were promulgating, and try to get them to vote our way on election day. I honestly don’t remember any like, crazy stories from the week I worked there. I think one guy got fired because he kept being late; and I was surprised by how many people would answer the phone and then just be like, oh I’m not legal. I can’t vote. haha A true thing that happened several times.

I think we also had some sort of competition to keep track of who was getting people to say they’d like vote or something. Idk, there was a tally board involved.

But yeah, after a week of it I was like really stressed out from the whole ordeal and just quit because I couldn’t handle life. My sister had been taking the train at night so she could escort me back home. haha Looking back, it’s kind of laughable considering that it’s just one train stop away, and you really could walk the whole way if you needed to. But to be honest, I’m no less sketched out by downtown Berkeley after dark.

~ b

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