Editing a photo is retelling a story from your memory. During my last semester as an undergraduate, I took a course on human memory, and was surprised to learn about how inaccurate our memories can be, regardless of the level of confidence we hold in them. Our memories are highly subjective; but I would like to hope most of us are committed to being as truthful as we can be. It’s just that we can only live within our own perspectives ~ affected by things like hunger and hope, moods and expectations. I thought of all this when I stumbled across this photoset I took and edited a couple of years ago at the Sutra Baths ruins in San Francisco. The photo on the left is what my grainy android camera captured, but the drama on the right is more consistent with my memory of the day. I think both are beautiful:

photo (21)

Cameras are tools, and mine don’t always capture the grandeur of the human moment I have lived through, so I edit my photos to pick up the slack; to tell the truest story I remember.

photo (5)

~ b

One response to “clouds + ocean foam”

  1. I love this post. So true and relevant in the age of so much photo editing. Often I feel photos get edited to make something look way better than it was



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