I have recently realized that I can’t, in good conscience, keep living the way I have been when it comes to food + drink. I may never be a true foodie, but I can definitely live with more intentionality and gratitude when it comes to the process of feeding the only body I will ever traipse across the planet in. I cringe to recall the number of conversations during which the words, I just don’t like eating/food have flown out of my mouth with absolute candor and very little consideration of why those words are true.

I need to make it so those words were true.

Last summer I won Shauna Niequist’s book Bread & Wine from a blog giveaway. It was one of my proudest moments, haha. I’ve decided to read it again this summer; and I’ve decided to read it slow. I need to sit for a while with the concept of breaking bread. TBH, I’m already a little stressed out just thinking about it. But that’s just what tends to happen in my insides before significant change ~ a lotta bit of chaos, then a beautiful calm.

For a while I had wondered why Jesus’ first miracle was Water Into Wine. It dawned on me the other day that He came to bring the Kingdom, and He wanted to start with a toast.

~ b

2 responses to “the answering years”

  1. When I first read “I need to sit for a while with the concept of breaking bread” I read “BAKING bread” and was all about to comment with my super easy homemade bread recipe here…then remembered you were GF and thought “wow GF bread, big commitment” then re-read the above statement to to realize in my haste I was off on an unrelated bunny trail…the end.



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