As I’ve been introspecting about the ways that I feed myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not so much cooking I have an aversion to as the stove top. In addition to anything that incorporates a healthy serving of chocolate, I really enjoy baking fruit and veggies, and pizza  and casseroles. I even used to make a mean ‘pizza casserole’ back in the day that my little brother loved.

Hashtag memory lane. Now he’s a six foot tall, sixteen year old man.

cookie pies, cakes, and photo c/o of my sister in law, Leen. I just looked cute and edited with VSCO. ha.

Anywho, as I was saying, it’s not so much cooking I’m averse to as the stove top. This theory was further corroborated earlier this week when my sister put me on crockpot duty. She had drafted out a list of instructions that I begrudgingly read as my pride was seared with each passing syllable. Once I cleaned damn near every dish we had, which I actually don’t mind, it was quite cathartic to hack at an enormous, rustic potato; leave the skins on and toss them into the pot…followed by a whole onion, two cloves of a garlic, most of a bag of baby carrots, and a butchered up chicken breast.

oh yeah, I also added some butter.

It turned out pretty well, unlike the kale I accidentally scorched while watching youtube videos. ha. I didn’t take a picture of the finished product ~ or any other steps for that matter ~ because I wasn’t suuuper committed to posting about this.

I did, however take a snapshot of my post cooking + cleaning nails as a shoutout to the homie Revlon for creating this gorgeous Lavender scented nail polish that clearly held it down after an hour and a half of gloveless kitchen work.

I’m pretty sure light colored polishes are the perfect aesthetic for me, since I have to keep my nails short for guitar. Hashtag dedication. In other news, my godmother has said I have manhands since I was 5 years old haha. Good thing the man I’m currently crushing on has way bigger hands than me. Check. We’ll see how that works out in the long run. I’ll keep y’all posted. ha.

~ b

3 responses to “crockpots + manhands”

  1. You’re awesome! I love your blog. Thanks for dropping by and encouraging me on my blog. You Rock & I absolutely dig your homecooking ways!



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