Jeremy Loops was my God-given instant gratification of the year. Back in the Spring when I was severely underemployed, I started binge watching vloggers on Youtube. A rabbit trail led me from Fun For Louis to Mr. Ben Brown + his beloved bearded companion and business partner SP, to Jeremy Loops. Jeremy doesn’t have his own vlog channel that I know of, but the UK/ South Africa vlog bond and bromance is strong, and Jeremy Loops was renting this DOPE house in South Africa with Mr. Ben Brown, and they ended up hosting Louis Cole for a few episodes. It didn’t take much for me to grow a folk crush on Jeremy Loops, given his accent, man bun and glorious harmonica skillz, so when I found out he’d be concerting at The Independent in SF, I enlisted my friend KL to attend with me.

Adventuring with KL is always refreshing for me and it was icing on the cake that I got to experience something within a few weeks of desiring it. That’s always nice. It was also dope that I had just been at The Independent in January to see my all time favorite singer/songwriter/only abiding girl crush Brooke Fraser who is soon to be a mother!! eek!!

Although Jeremy’s stateside tour was a couple months ago, his debut LP, Trading Change has just now become available via the US iTunes Store. yall. I’m so stoked to become acquainted with this batch of songs. Jeremy is super talented and such a fun ball of energy on stage; and I totally relate to his roundabout journey to music pursuit.

Here are a few borrowed photos from the interwebs taken by Mr. Ben Brown ~ for promotional reasons of course, so I hope they don’t mind.

happy listening!!

~ b


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