pre~blessed GF waffle variations

When I was interning in Winnipeg, one of the guys in our group was obsesed with Julian Smith Youtube videos. We all ended up finding them pretty entertaining, though potentially offensive at times. ha. A couple of weeks ago, my mind pulled a throwback reference from Julian’s Pre-Blessed Food video whilst making my grocery list, and I’ve been referring to ready made slash frozen slash microwaveable items as “pre-blessed” ever since.

I tend to shy away from a lot of processed and already prepped meals out of preference, but there are a few staples that make a consistent appearance in my shopping cart: GF* microwaveable Thai bowls, GF pizza(crust), and those delectable GF cupcakes from Trader Joe’s. Bless. Pre~blessed. The other frozen item I find myself constantly snactching out of freezer containers are GF pre~blessed waffles. My favorite slash the healthiest I’ve come across are the quinoa amaranth waffles from Nature’s Path.  I’ll still get down with the slightly card-boardy harvest grain options, and particularily enjoy the Trader Joe’s brand because they are softer but still hold their structure when I use them as the bookends of a breakfast sandwich. Following are the go-to pre~blessed GF waffle combinations I’ll make as breakfast on weekends, BFD* on weeknights, or a snack if I’m feeling particularly voracious:

nutella + ginger

nutella + sunflower seeds

fried or scrambled eggs + preserves or jam or jelly

scrambled egg + avocado

Of course I had to include the ‘California Style’ combo. Ha. I don’t usually add bacon to these arrangements, but I do love me some pre-blessed GF canadian bacon and am likely to toss some good ol’ porkbelly into a scrambled egg + cream cheese + pre~blessed bagle combo when I’m willing to overlook the shortcomings of a ‘fake’ bagel.

So here’s the pre~blessed breads I’ve come to love.

nutella + ginger powered on a pre~blessed Trader Joe's waffle. $5 folkbird mug from crate + barrel
nutella + ginger powder on a pre~blessed Trader Joe’s waffle.
$5 folkbird mug from crate + barrel

~ b

gf = gluten free | bfd = breakfast for dinner


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