I stumbled upon this stitched together photo the other day:


…and was basically like, dang! how was that already two freaking years ago!?

Then I got all nostalgic like I do and stumbled upon more pictures of things from the past three years and asked myself how they could possibly have been 24 months or more ago.

Like this photo of my buddy when she was a baby without glasses and hadn’t started school yet:

Now, she’s practically eleven years old.

Ok, so not quite eleven but turning eight soon and half way through elementary school.


I also stumbled upon this photo from my tragic, could have been much worse car accident and realized I haven’t driven in two years. Like, two full turns of the calendar, my friends.


For clarification,

me not driving has far less to do with me being scarred like the side of this hatchback for life and more to do with me being kicked out of Zipcar after two months of membership, but maybe that’s a post for another time.


I’m not sure what this post was supposed to be about…

except for that I stumbled upon this photo the other day:


…and started to think about the last three years of my life and how I’ve been through four tumblrs and two instagrams and five sizes of denim; and how my sister and I aren’t the only ones moving; and my good friend that I met out here just got engaged; and the world keeps turning; the sun keeps burning for all to learn what heaven only knows.*

~ b

* I Couldn’t Explain Why | Citizen Cope

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