I tend to find my music in the most roundabout ways. Like the time I somehow knew I needed to watch August Osage County and subsequently spent the rest of my weekend Youtubing the acoustic version of Last Mile Home by Kings of Leon. I guess everyone involved in the soundtrack production knew that song was hot fire because they pulled one of those nonsense “album only” shennanigans on iTunes, and since I was not about to pay $13.99 for one song, I turned to Youtube. But as much as I love Last Mile Home (and ended up purchasing the full band version), I came here to share a different gem: Wake Owl.

Once upon three different occasions, I signed up for eHarmony on something in between a whim and quarter-life crisis desperation. The first time, I was all, oh I’m just doing market research. I want to see what kind of men they match me with. The second time I was probably bored and in between revving up and 86ing some blog or tumblr or another. The third time I figured it might be the charm and actually bothered to pay for it. Spoiler Alert: it wasn’t the charm. By a long shot. By a last mile home. ha. HOWEVER, there was this one guy I got matched with named Brett who was beautiful and rugged and had this dope beard and was quintessentially pictured standing on a mountain top with a slightly less attractive, but still rugged and masculine looking friend…WEARING A DUKE SHIRT. I’m telling you guys this match was made in heaven, not in LA by Spence from King of Queens.


Except apparently NOT because he hadn’t been ‘active’ on eHarmony for like, damn near a year; and after I got impatient waiting on him to maybe never answer my 5 questions, and also realized that I wasn’t actually emotionally available anyway, I shut down the whole shebang for the last and hopefully final time. I say hopefully because I have come to accept my own unpredictability and telescoped time freak outs and illogical rationalizations.

But whilst I was still in the throes of it all, checking matches every morning like it was my job and deciding if I was really willing to marry for money (a real question I had to work my way through), I did so to the soundtrack of Brett’s mysterious soul. lolz. Listed on his profile as his current favorite band was Wake Owl.

First of all, I love me a good EP, and Wild Country is one of the best I’ve stumbled upon in recent years . It’s one of those well-written, easy on the ears and soul EPs that has enough depth to carry you through a season or two of life, but is not so demanding that you can’t focus on or do anything else while you listen. It gives you the option of active or passive listening. I love music like that. Like this. From start to finish, the album is well arranged and even features a ‘demo’ version of Gold for those of us who love the raw edges of an untouched voice and the chord-switching finger slides of steel strings.

This entire album has, indeed, been a comfort to me for several seasons, but my favorite sixty seconds is the incredible and haunting bridge of Gold, with the first twenty two seconds of the title track, Wild Country, as a close second. Both sets of measures are the audible embodiment of beautiful things not asking for attention.

happy listening!!

~ b


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