Rugby is such a beautiful and violent affair. I love the long strides that slide into tries, the strategy and the sketchitude of a scrum. Basically I love the sheer masculinity of it all, and having something to look forward to every four years. Unfortunately for me, this year’s World Cup is being hosted in England, which means wonky and incompatible match times due to time zones. After having unexpectedly decent coverage during the last cup back in 2011, I had my hopes up that it would be even more available this time around because America has finally decided to try and crash the party like we always do… at any rate, I am helping myself to some highlight footage instead of watching live.

My hosting Kiwis took the trophy back in 2011, as the whole world knew they would, and even though they’re still a really great, strong team, I kind of have a hunch that the title might go to a Northern Hemisphere nation this time around. But that’s just my humble, non sports-casting Rugby loving prediction.

If you get a chance, definitely tune into a game or two on NBC Universal Sports, or Youtube some after the fact footage at your leisure!!

~ b

OH. Check out this dope authentic from NZ All Black jersey one of the instructors at the ballet school gave me over the summer!!



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