You guys, I had the gnarliest dream last night. So I woke up this morning and wrote this song before my day job. Also, I have a cold which is why my voice sounds so rustic and sexy. haha. And lastly, it was 7am and I live in a studio apartment with my sister, so there’s that. I think once you click the link it may or may not take you on a wild downloading goose chase, but this song is currently my new favorite thing, so if you ask me it’s worth it … minus the ending where it becomes painfully evident how badly my guitar strings need changing …

S N O W F L A K E S  

He reached into our feast and it was holy 
but you weren’t worthy
sin was in your stride
how you could run from such Magnetic Glory 
puzzled me till I saw 
anger your eyes 
in sleep, I held your face and we cried
God, have mercy please!
the taste of salty tears that don’t belong to me
is bound to haunt me,
keep me on my knees 
until the day I finally catch you kneeling 
with all your anger ceased
with meekness in your eyes

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