the “versa-tyle” blogger award

Because that’s how we would say it in the south, obviously. Anna over at Life Bellissima has nominated me for said award, and I thought I would half participate. Woot. There it is.

First off, is a thank you to Anna for giving me blogging props, followed by a presentation of the lovely award on my blog:


boom. Thank you, Anna!

Anna bakes delicious treats and you should all make yourself privy to a recipe or two. ūüôā

Other than the Thankyama’am and nomination process, the rules of the award are to share seven facts about yourself. So here they are:

  1. Both sides of my family are from Eastern North Carolina. (Come on and raise up.) Shout out to Bertie County…Area code¬†252, which used to be 919. I know y’all remember. Ok so none of you probably even know what I’m talking about except my dad who recently started reading my blog. Hi, dad!
  2. My twenty sixth birthday is just around the corner, which is the same age my momma was when she had me, God rest her soul.
  3. I find it amusing¬†to tack on that last phrase ^^ from time to time, not (just) because my dry humor leans to the morbid side every once in a while, but because¬†my mom¬†and I used to watch Far & Away¬†like, every other Sunday with my younger sister and brother, and I always imagine saying it in Tom Cruise’s attempt at an Irish accent. I think she’d probably chuckle about it too.
  4. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill nearly four eventful years ago where I earned a B.A in Psychology, and minored in Jewish Studies.
  5. My best friend has the same name as me, except she spells it differently.
  6. I don’t like coffee, but a well crafted mocha with real chocolate that hasn’t been offensively powdered is the fore-taste of heaven on my tongue.
  7. I am itching to move to a beach town and pretend like skyscrapers¬†are not a thing that exist. I’m sure, though, that I would eventually crave the big anonymity of the city¬†and traipse on over¬†for a day trip to sit and stare and sip…preferably a well crafted mocha with high quality co-cow. Pinky up.

Thanks so much to all of you lovely readers who have encouraged my Smörgåsblog endeavors!!

*cradles roses and blows kisses*

I love you all! 

~ b

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