Y’all, how cute is my best friend Becca:

We met during our freshman year at UNC Chapel Hill when we were in the same ENORMOUS Hinton James bible study. Senior year we sort of bonded over similar circumstances; and in recent years, we have been blessed to cultivate a beautiful kinship and sisterhood as we navigate life as twenty somethings. I am continually encouraged by the ways that she sharpens me, and thought it would be fun to have her share the cool new thing she is up to, which she has actually been involved with in some capacity or another since our lifetime ago college days.

Without further ado, here are a few words from Beccaboo:

First and foremost, I am honored to be featured on Bekkah’s blog. Bek and I go way back to our college days where we both lived in the oldest and farthest dorm from campus: Hinton James. We met through a Bible study freshmen year, but we didn’t become besties until after college when she moved thousands of miles away (typical life, right?). Through a trip to SF with my first job, I got to rekindle a friendship with Bek, and the rest is history. I love and value our long distance friendship. Her words of wisdom, support, and grace have given me peace and hope in the darkest season of my life. Her friendship is a gift to me and I know her blog is a gift to you!

My first job out of college was with a small social enterprise based out of Haiti, 3 Cords. Through God’s divine plan I got to work with a small but rapidly growing social enterprise in their first years of launching a website. During my short two years with 3 Cords, I learned a ton. Mainly I learned that if God’s favor rests on something, He can and will bless it beyond our comprehension. I saw a company grow from twelve employees to more than twenty while sales sky rocketed through the use of social media and popular bloggers. I became a believer in buying and supporting businesses that give back. I began to love researching ethically minded companies that were making beautiful products. The empowerment and steady income that 3 Cords provided women and men in Haiti was life changing, and even after my job with 3 Cords ended, my love for supporting and empowering the vulnerable had just begun. 

my janky screenshots are no reflection on Bec's marketing skillz. Follow her on insta @givemanna!
my janky screenshots are no reflection on Bec’s marketing skillz. Follow her on insta @givemanna!

Family and friends continually ask me where they can find beautiful, well made products that support groups “like 3 Cords”. Give Manna was the answer to this question. One of the goals for Give Manna is to be a resource where individuals can easily find socially minded businesses that are worth supporting. We launched Give Manna before the 2015 Holiday season in hopes that our supporters would consider the great products featured on our site for Christmas gifts. It has been extremely fun to test out and research groups that are “giving manna” to the communities they support. I have been amazed at the missions and visions behind these featured companies, and am even more impressed by the quality and beauty of their products. 

Give Manna also seeks to be a marketplace that sells beautiful prints and handmade products. The sales from these products will provide financial support and empowerment to refugees and those fighting to overcome addiction in my local community of Greensboro / High Point, NC. The marketplace is still in the process of being launched, but don’t worry, Bek will let you know when we are up and running. My prayer for Give Manna is that it would support groups that are worth supporting, and one day feature goods that support worthy causes in my local community.

Before you buy gifts this Christmas, I hope you will check out Give Manna! Why give regular gifts when you can #givemanna and be a part of providing safe and consistent employment for artisans across the world? You may wonder what purchasing a single scarf, ring, basket, or t-shirt can really accomplish. I have had that question myself, and can confidently say that what you buy really does matter. If individuals had not bought products from 3 Cords, twenty of my Haitian friends would have been without jobs. When you purchase from the groups featured on Give Manna you are supporting enterprises that are changing lives across the world. If we stand united on the companies we support and buy from, as a community we can change the world. 

Your purchases matter. Give life. Give Manna. 

~ b, the bestie. 


5 responses to “guest post: b, the bestie”

      • I visited the website now … it looks wonderful, b! What a great idea for Christmas gifts! I plan on checking back — it looks like they are in the process of adding items to their store? I’d love to share the info on my Life Bellissima Facebook page. Also, I’ve been checking out some of your songs! You have such a beautiful voice!


        • Thank you so much! My recordings are always so janky I try and forget they exist on the internet, but that means a lot to me haha. Regarding Bec’s website ~ they are still in the process of adding items to the store. At the moment, the site functions mostly as a curating spot so that you can purchase from the businesses themselves. We hope to have items for purchase on Bec’s site in the future, though. (I hope that makes sense, let me know if you still have questions!) Please do share on FB or anywhere else you’d like!!

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          • Oh yes that makes sense! Wonderful and I’d be so delighted to share! I’ve been singing (humming) two of your songs now for the last week — I love your beautiful voice and style!

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