Allow me to explain. First things first, that Kevita Probiotic sparkling lemon ginger water is giving me real and actual life. As in, live cultures building back the lining of my gut. I picked it up at Target over the weekend on a whim ~ because that’s what Target is for ~ and now it is my new favorite thing. Mainly because it’s so dang good and there are only 20 grams of sugar in a bottle. I care about grams of sugar these days because even though I never purchased my case full of milkway bars to celebrate my big girl job at the ballet theater, I have seriously been taxing my system with nutso amounts of nutella and other poor choices that I have since repented of. Next to the Kevita, you’ll notice a full size bag of Doritos that was only $1.99 at Foods Co., so how could I not. Fuel for the venture, my friends.

But actually, those things aren’t the first things. The first thing is that my amazing and generous, preggers friend Hilary gave me a Trader Joe’s gift card for my birthday to sponsor my next baking endeavor. I love that for so many reasons. For one thing, I love Hilary. She was so, so fun to live through college with. She and her momma are both the hostesses with the mostesses and I miss the friendsgivings they used to put together for our enormous bible study friend group. For another thing, blog likes and comments are my love language and Hilary is one of the few people I know in real life who regularly likes and comments on my ramblings and recipes. She got the idea after having read my post on Swiss Chocolate Filbertsons in which I mentioned that my sister had footed the bill for that batch of stress-relieving wonderment.  And lastly, little did Hilary know when she packaged up my birthday goodies in the mail that I did, in fact, have another baking endeavor marinating in my mind:

Chocolate Chip Walmondshew Bakies 


Shout out to the homie, Hil.

You the real MVP and I can’t wait to meet your winter baby!! (virtually, from afar via photos and possibly FaceTime)

~ b, the baker

IMG_5973 (1)

2 responses to “chocolate chip walmondshew bakies”

  1. Okay dying over this recipe. Might be sponsoring my own trip to the grocery store soon to try these- love the simplicity of the recipe too. Glad I could take a small part in the sharing of this goodness. Bake on friend! Love you!

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