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  1. This upcoming Tuesday is National Brownie Day… according to Wikipedia’s list of random national days of things. I’m telling you now so you can plan your lives accordingly. Unfortunately, I won’t be participating this year due to my struggling immune system, but that’s all the more reason for y’all to bake a batch on my behalf. Try out my personal favorite for a gluten free sugar inundation, or any of the amazing brownie recipes  this gem of a blogger has shared over the years.
  2. I’m loving the whimsically falling snow dots WordPress has instituted to make the season bright. They’re magical.
  3. I wrote another advent song this year. As usual, the recording quality leaves much to be desired. Also, I had a cold again, so there’s that.
  4. My best friend guested posted a few weeks ago about her website, Give Manna which features curated presentations of ethically minded businesses. Take a looksee if you haven’t already, and consider making a few online purchases from the featured enterprises this holiday season!
  5. After a glorious social media hiatus, I have recently acquired a “secret” instagram account from which I follow approximately two people that I know in real life. The remaining 36 follows are comprised of storytellers, lifestyle brands, craftsmen, musicians, and a few folks in vocational ministry. It’s quite inspiring.
  6. Last, but certainly not least, please consider giving to All God’s Children.  This isn’t a solicited shoutout, I’ve just had the privilege of personally partnering with this organization for a couple of years now and it’s been great. What I love most about AGCI is their love for Jesus and commitment to wrapping tangible, practical gifts in the message of the Gospel, their intentionality with regard to family of origin preservation, and their dedication to building a program that meets the needs of transitioning young adults who have “aged out” of the system. The idea of “aging out” cuts me deep, but it helps being able to support great organizations like AGCI. It also helps that there really is hope in the Gospel. God really does place the lonely in families. He really is father to the fatherless and protector of widows. Because of Jesus, we don’t have to stay orphaned in the Universe. To all who receive him, he gives the right to become children of God.*

Happy Hanukkah!

* John 1:12

~ b


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