(Not to be confused with Walmondshew Bakies)


So yesterday, I got up super early and caught a super early train to Downtown Berkeley and stopped at Walgreens before traipsing down to Berkeley Ballet Theater. It’s what I do on Saturdays. And somewhere in the middle of Pre-Ballet for Age 5 Ms. L. plays Stevie Wonder songs. Yesterday I joked with the school principal that¬†You Are the Sunshine of My Life¬†is the soundtrack to the¬†groundhog day montage of Saturday mornings in my mind. Could be worse.

This past Saturday, I traipsed to Whole Foods on my way to the BART station as I sometimes do, and stocked up on some pre-blessed meals and nut butters. I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a Whole Foods haul blog post, but am stymied by my own annoyance when other people post posts about simple life skills that everyone should have. Like, I totally get the¬†mitteilungsbed√ľrfnis that drives us all to blogging and vlogging and snapping and chatting in the first place, and sometimes I do get good ideas from other people, but I take myself too seriously and think I am above such things.

Except I’m totally not, so here’s my lazy Whole Foods haul blog post, which I promise will end with a recipe for Almondshew Bakies.

This week, I got a couple of salmon/rice/veggie meals which were surprisingly delicious and filling the¬†first¬†time I purchased one. I also got a sweet potato apricot medley and some mushroom barely soup to satisfy my recent cravings. I know, right? I’m so happy my body is craving sweet potatoes instead of Nutella and mushrooms instead of oreos. I also got some frozen meals, a couple of GF frozen pizzas, Falafel Chickpeas, and baking chocolate, ginger tea, and cage free brown eggs.

…one of which, cracked on my long, struggle filled journey¬†home on BART. The egg¬†was still farirly intact¬†and¬†sweating with condensation, so rather than waste¬†it¬†entirely, I threw together an adapted nut butter cookie recipe and shoved it in the oven while I ate this glorious salad and opened a christmas card from my dear friend Hil who is clearly the calligraphy queen,¬†and included an ultrasound of her bigheaded baby on the flipped of the Christmas card.

Since some of the egg whites had spilled into the carton, and I am an American living in the city, I figured there was probably risk of mad cow disease or something and carefully positioned the rest of the eggs in this glorious ceramic colander I found while Christmas shopping the other day. It was purchased at Treehouse Green Gifts on College Ave in Berkeley. Here’s another pic so you don’t have to scroll back up.

Mainly, I’m just impressed with the way this photo turned out, haha. Oh yeah, here’s the recipe!!

Emergency Almondshew Bakies

1 egg + 1 c cashew butter + 1/2 c sugar + 1 1/2 tsp almond extract + damn near 1/4 c of cocoa because it came out faster than I was expecting + rustically broken into bits Ghiradelli baking bar because after all it’s a San Francisco locality.

I baked these for 13 min, but will probably let them sit for another 2 min next time.

Yields 9-11 cookies

Cheers, b.

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