Y’all I miss my toes. El Niño is weeping over us and it’s been raining for weeks on in. Which is glorious and amazing. And cold and wet. I am grateful for the blissfully falling beautiful rain, and enamored with the power of wind gusts; and I am dreaming of warmer and longer days when my toes can be free and soaking up twelve hours worth of sun rays. In the meantime, I am slightly addicted to the make your own sandwich line at Whole Foods. I think it’s the intrigue of order next to chaos that gets me. That, and the gluten free bread. You pick a number, fill out a sandwich form with a tiny little golf pencil, and ~ depending on the time of day ~ you may or may not have to stand in a mob and wait for your number to be called. Which got me to thinking, I  wonder where Jack Johnson shops for groceries? Does he go to Whole Foods? Trader Joe’s? Are there TJ’s in Hawaii?? Does he grow his own food with his gaggle of mysterious children so well kept from the media’s haranguing eye? The world may never know.


Happy Wednesday

~ b


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