You guys, I sprang for an upgrade! And by that, I mean my phone bill is finna be 1 million dollars again until further notice.

In other news,

  1. I only have three W2s this year. That’s progress, my friends.
  2. My new favorite thing at Whole Foods (besides the sandwich line) is this delectable packet of carmel and chocolate and pecans. Someone should buy me a case of them for Valentine’s Day. I wouldn’t hate it. IMG_6569
  3. Having a magazine subscription is so much fun!! Surfer Magazine isn’t exactly what I was anticipating but it’s definitely been an interesting/educational/enjoyable read.
  4. Yall, essential oils. My sensei at work found out I am recovering from adrenal issues and hooked me up with an essential oil starter pack of information. She’s the real MVP (shout out to Suze!). She also brought in an essential oils diffuser that changes colors and it’s causing quite the uproar. People either love it or become increasingly agitated haha.
  5. The ‘starter pack’ meme/hashtag on instagram is too ruthless, but cracks me up. lolz.
  6. All three of my W2s have arrived which means that I can nerd out on my taxes which I secretly love in much the same way that I love doing my hair because it appeases that I should totally be a hair stylist seed that sits the in the soil of my soul. With taxes I get to be an accountant for a day minus the slacks and stilettos I’d feel particularly bound to wear if I (still) worked in San Francisco’s Financial District.
  7. The Lord is good to all and His mercy is over all that He has made. Bless.

Happy hump day!


~ b (and the family bananas)

4 responses to “From my iPhone”

  1. Great post, b! Ohh, I love the sandwiches at Whole Foods, too! 😉 Caramel, pecans and chocolate! Indeed that would be a dandy candy! I think we would have a great time shopping together!



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