I got an early start on spring cleaning and ditched like 60% of my belongings. I’ve been to goodwill more times in the past two weeks than like ever.  The exciting thing about all this – besides being clutter free – is that the upgrades I’ve found lately actually meet both my functional and aesthetic needs. Beautiful things just help with life when you have to ride public transportation to work everyday when you’d rather bake cookies and fold laundry and write music. Since I’ve always loved the What’s In My Bag videos on YouTube, I thought I’d do the smorgasblog version. “…So let’s just get started.”

{insert fancy camera editing}

I don’t have an Instagram husband (yet) ha, or a full length mirror for that matter so I snapped these awkard selfies in the studio bathroom on my way to lunch. I felt it was important that you all see how gloriously encompassing the volume of this bag is.


It’s great for tossing things into and easy accesibility without compromising the security of your items. I often take an extended lunch break and run work errands while I’m out, so it works out well to have the extra space for mailings and deposits and things. It’s also reversible, but I doubt I’ll turn it inside out very often.

Other Bag Stats: Two deep/fairly wide side pockets that are super sweet for slipping your phone and headphones into. One zip pouch. Creamy and delicious texture and rich chocolately “exterior” (in quotes because it’s reversible). I purchased this bag at Bancroft Clothing Co. up by the campus of UC Berkeley. They have loads of supercute stuff there, and you can often find some good deals and/or reasonable retail prices. I love that place.

And now for the contents!!


My first two issues of Surfer Magazine have come in the mail, and it’s been a really great read. I have some brewing posts inspired by some of the articles that I look forward to producing soon. The March issue focuses on the craftsmanship of surf culture which accounts for 50% of my interest/semi obsession. The other 50% is accounted for by the fact that these people are standing on a piece of wood/plastic in the whole wide ocean.

Atop the Surfer Magazine is the quite literally perfect planner I found at Elmwood Stationers on College Ave in Berkeley. It’s got a magnetic closing clasp, and {obviously} a beautifully bedazzled hummingbird adornment. It’s a daily planner with Saturday & Sunday sharing pages. It also has all the fun extras that those of us who nerd out on stationary items love like holiday dates into the future and little pages of month long calendar views and an address book in the back. Bless.

The other notebook featured came in a care package from the bestie. I’ve been using it to take notes at church or when I stream sermon podcasts/videos. It’s super thin and clearly adorable which works well for that.


The lotion I’ve been carrying around is from World Market (in Walnut Creek). It’s the ‘Lotus Flower’ scent from Aromas Artesanales de Antigua. It’s actually not super impressive as far as hand creams go, but it does smell good and I like the aesthetic of the bottle it came in. Also, it was only like, $4.

I’m definitely a member of the EOS bandwagon for lip balms, but I also like this Mongo Kiss lip balm from Eco Lips. I got my tube from Whole Foods, but was first introduced to it as a fun stocking stuffer from a friend when my sister and I spent Christmas with her family.

Above my dingy flamingo wallet (also from Bancroft Clothing Co.) you’ll notice two of those delicious candy bars I blogged about on the last post. I’m now down to one in the time it took to upload this photo to my computer and start blogging.

The giant green thing next to the DoubleMint is just the trusty ol’ case I’ve been stashing my aviators in for ages. Everyone knows what chewing gum and tissue are; and lastly I have a few cosmetic products that I snagged from Walgreens on the way home. And by snagged I mean paid for, not shoplifted. ha. I’ve been searching around for a shimmery eyeshadow that can double as my extremely low maintenance rendition of ‘highlight’, but nothing’s really screamed “buy me!”. I think I’m still attached to the Rimmel London palate I can no longer find. So anyways, I settled on Milani in the meantime. I liked Milani over the summer, but I also had the suspicion that it was drying out my eyelids and tear ducts which is why I stopped using it.

Although the bag can hold many more items (laptop, random purchases made in transit, etc.) I try not to pack it on the daily basis for the sake of my back/neck, and because it doesn’t have any hardware tailored to the handles. It feels well made, but I still like to be gentle on my bags if possible.

Alright homies!! That wraps up my smorgasblog version of What’s In My Bag! Thank y’all for reading through my show & tell. You da real MVPs.

Happy Weekend!

~ b


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