It’s true. As far as major league football goes (lol), I’m a Broncos fan.

But it’s not what you think.

Way back in my undergrad days, I was in love with Brady Quinn. And Colorado. And therefore, the orange and blue.

I know, I know, it’s been ages since Brady has played for the Broncos. About as long as it’s been since I lost interest in football all together.

What can I say, rugby just really raises the bar as far as contact sports are concerned.

But there’s a small part of me that raises a quiet, clinched fist to my mouth, closes my eyes and feels triumphantly victorious that the Broncos have made it to such a significant Superbowl.

On an entirely related note, my friend Dave told me the other day, “well now you can be a fan of commentating cause that’s what Brady’s been doing.”

Straight ‘savage’ as the youths say. But I ain’t even pressed.

Brady, you’ll always be my Bronco Bae. (In a way that fully respects your marriage, hence the inclusion of your beautiful wife below.)


[insert Bronco cheer/chant/rallyup saying]

~ b



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