Perhaps the most drastic of my employment transitions was the time that I went from coordinating a private alternative healing practice in Berkeley to working the front desk of Corporate America in San Francisco in a matter of like 4.5 days. Once it became clear that I wouldn’t be able to live [eat] off of the inconsistent part time paychecks [let alone actually contribute to rent], I determined to get a big girl job again. At the time, it was really difficult for me to find full time work in the East Bay,¬†so it was back to the the busy side of The Bay in dresses and pumps or cowboy boots. I honestly wore cowboy boots more than than anything and just played up my transplantness and southern roots.

I worked in Corporate America for nine ridiculous months and was into it for like, the first six weeks. It was honestly the kind of job I had always lusted after when I was in college and just wanted to be done with the student life: a 9-5 I didn’t have to think about when I went home at the end of the day. Except it was really a 9-6 and everyone took everything way too seriously and I had no idea that job politics are really such an inescapable thing. It was there in the edgy, fresh offices of a talent staffing agency that I first realized how problematic it was for me to have resting bitch face and not be perky and God-forbid, braid the front of my hair when the VP came to town.

Because we were a talent staffing agency, the bulk of my responsibilities as receptionist/ admin assistant [besides transferring calls from HQ in less than 15 seconds, lest¬†they hang up and have someone’s head] was candidate intake ~ scanning passports and handing out interview packets and offering bottles of water. I also¬†had the task of data entry which is legitimately my favorite aspect of every job I’ve had.

Most of my co-workers were glorious and amazing and it was fascinating to witness how much influence you can garner with people when you’re authentic and kind and genuinely compliment their bomb mascara application in the morning. Eventually, working full time in the city became¬†exhausting and taxing, but with hindsight’s nostalgia, I do miss¬†the rhythmic routine of it all… getting mochas from the Coffee Bar on Montgomery, spending half my paycheck on Market, and eating my packed lunches at Crocker Galleria.

It’s kind of overwhelming to sift through all the fond memories I have and I’m not being the least bit facetious. Like I mentioned before, there was an intensely suffocating rhythm to it all that helped me work through the convulsive¬†collision of my Type A ISTJness and the wild, rebellious artist in me that belongs anywhere BUT Corporate America. I feel like I’ve earned some sort of Average American Badge by illustrating my eyebrows and catching¬†trains three stories underground and soothing my soul with bags of stuff from merchant windows.

At some point, it dawned on me that part of God’s intentionality in placing me at this job was about the music I was forced to listen to week in/week out and how it would inspire and influence my soulwork and creative process. As I understand it, every office from¬†London to Paris to New York to LA¬†all had to have the same conglomeration of Pandora playlists that played the same songs¬†ad nauseam per day of the week. Without fail, we started every¬†Wednesday morning with Portuguese/Bossa Nova from the lovely Antonio Jobim [although I always looked forward to hearing Aguas de Mar√ßo cause that’s my jam], and ended every Wednesday afternoon with old school rhymes from the Notorious B.I.G.

Following is the playlist I curated with tunes from my stint as the favorite receptionist the San Francisco branch had ever hosted:

[insert confidential company name here]

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards | Tame Impala

Chandelier | Sia

West Coast | Coconut Records

Young Folks | Peter Bjorn and John

Someday | The Strokes

Maps | Yeah Yeah Yeahs

From Eden | Hozier

Wonder wall | Oasis

Wake Up | Arcade Fire

VCR | The xx

Cannons | Youth Lagoon

Fade Into You | Mazzy Star

Always Gold | Radical Face

Summer Breeze | Seals & Crofts


Shout out to all the peeps commuting to cities and working day jobs this fine Monday Morning. May your copies be crisp and your coffee securely be lidded.

~ b

4 responses to “jobs i’ve had: corporate america”

  1. that is a solid playlist. i always hid in my headphones when I used to do the 9-5 office thing. your coworkers were privileged to have your taste!
    also i love the idea of earning a badge, or maybe a girl-scout-style patch for various life experiences. It would make the gigs that didn’t pan out and the things you tried that weren’t “you” feel like something valuable to collect instead of failed endeavors.


    • thanks for the taste compliment, but these these are some of the songs I didn’t get to choose that played ad nauseam that I somehow still like listening to haha


  2. you are so. cool. would just die to see you riding the train on the way to your fancy job, mocha in your hand and cowboy boots on your feet.



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