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PopcornAndM&Ms is the official movie/visual entertainment snack of the Speller clan.

For Thursday night Survivor when it first came out and they actually had to try and… survive; for Back to the Future marathons, and Lord of The Rings holiday screenings. Popcorn and M&Ms. Bless.

Over the weekend I had a hankering for some popcorn and opted for the Trader Joe’s ‘Movie Theater’ variety because we don’t have a microwave and stovetop popcorn is one of those things I’m just not here for in the adult life.

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Today, Popcorn + M&Ms was my snack of choice while working on a song and a half. Because fiber and chocolate and childhood.

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There was a brief moment in the Speller clan history in which M&Ms were replaced with… raisins. It wasn’t so bad in school lunches, but definitely had no place in front of the fat back TV+VHS arrangement that faithfully anthemed Under the Sea and Just Can’t Wait To Be King.

In other chews (haha), I stumbled upon this perfectly marketed protein bar at Whole Foods and am excited to announce that these will be my weekday dinners for the next few weeks.


As I mentioned before, I get home from work super late and haven’t been making the best post 8pm food choices. I figure I can eat these around 6 while I’m still at work/walking to Bart, and just have tea when I get home.

I’m still in the habit of tuna sandwiches for breakfast, and usually eat pretty decent lunches/snacks, so I’m not too concerned about replacing my late night meal with an evening protein bar.

By the way, they’re pretty tasty. The almond ones are way better in my humble opinion, but they also weren’t 2 for $2.96.

Here’s the next twenty days.

Happy snacking,

~ b

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