After this Ocean Beach post, I started to re-evaluate my photo editing methods. I was concerned that my pictures were starting to look overly processed, and headed to the [virtual] app store to see what my other options might be. I also determined to study the sky more closely the next time I was next to the ocean.

What I discovered is that there aren’t actually that many appealing photo editing apps to choose from within a 3-8 minute search in the Apple app store. I also discovered that those were¬†really the truest hues of blue… as told by¬†VSCO¬†and¬†an iPhone 6. I still feel some type of way about the coloring and saturation of the photos as they appear on my laptop screen, but that might just mean I should invest in an *actual* camera. ha.

At any rate, I’m glad I got that somewhat¬†sorted out because my friend KL¬†and I traipsed down to Santa Cruz this past Monday which just so happened to be National Vanilla Milkshake Day according to Wikipedia. Santa Cruz was as blue as I’ve ever seen it, and I could rest easy knowing that my trusty old equipment could tell the truest story I remembered. We never did get around to the milkshakes, but discovered that it was apparently summer solstice [??¬†I’ve seen mixed approximations]¬†¬†so there’s that. Plus Santa Cruz is just flippin’ amazing and¬†I rode a roller coaster for the first time in, I don’t know ~ 12 years??

Y’all, look at this adorable little grom in his wetsuit:

I need one.

Later, we went to Capitola and had Thai next to a couple arguing about their polygamous vacation arrangements. Or so it seemed. I totally crashed on the way home, but the next day I randomly remembered them and texted KL to see if she thought the same thing. She was like, yeah California is weird sometimes. Which is the same thing my brother said today about a completely unrelated event.

California is weird sometimes.

Weird, but beautiful.

Eu gosto do ver√£o.

~ b


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