True Life: it’s 1:17 AM and I just got finished making guacamole by the light of my iPhone so I don’t wake up my sister. My body is craving potassium to strengthen my heart, so this is where I find myself ~ in the kitchen of our studio with Santitas balanced between my lips and 9 PM pomegranate juice stains speckled across my shirt like blood.

In other news, I’m fairly certain I found my soul mate on OKC ~ not even kidding. A 27 year old LARPer from Southern California. Much like the moment I am currently living through, it’s just bizarre enough to maybe be true. Haha. He’s super cute. Time will tell. Probably not that much. Time, I mean.

~ b

3 responses to “Insta~post”

    • Yeah, treading lightly has never been my forte. Haha this is the 3rd “soul mate” I’ve discovered this week. Haha but since I know how intense and …extra I am, I have learned to take myself less seriously and am not afraid of having my heart broken (again), though obviously nobody wants that. That being said, I totally agree, patience and wisdom are *invaluable* in this regard. I’ve been amusing my brother with regular updates/photos in case anything goes amiss haha

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      • That’s right! Keep your people in the know! 🙂

        You’re young. Life is amazing at this stage, at least, it totally was for me. Lol

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