My mom loved the ocean. We didn’t get to the beach very often, but a favorite spot for a few years growing up was Kure Beach in North Carolina ~ about a 3 hour car ride from RDU.  I was the designated sandwich maker/list checker/assistant car packer extraordinaire for day trips down to the coast, and the longer road trip we took to Florida to board our boat to the Bahamas. On each of those occasions, one of my favorite things about the journey was watching soil become sand and pines become palm bushes along the highway as we finally reached the beach towns.

Today, I noticed that the closer I get to Ocean Beach, the more O’neillDakine and Quicksilver lifestyle products I see worn and decal’d and plastered on things. It gives me that same kind of almost there anticipation as riding shotgun for a hundred southern miles.


steadfast beach patrol :]

The N was having a hard time getting it’s life together down by La Playa, so I traipsed up Judah a few blocks to visit my friends at Aqua Surf Shop. We’re not actually friends…yet, but they recognize me and are always nice even though I often pop in to browse for a solid 15 minutes without buying anything haha. I did get some goodies today though.

Apparently, they were having a really slow day, and after checking in on my browsing progress the three guys at the shop crowded around a laptop to look at footage from the competition at J Bay in South Africa. As I paid for my t shirts, the commentator enthusiastically lauded one of the surfer’s mom’s ~ about how kind she was and how warm her hugs made everyone feel. It was then I realized that my true calling is definitely to be a grom-mom. haha.

We’ll see.

~ b




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