I’ve never really been much of a hustler, but in between all the aforementioned jobs I’ve had, my ophthalmologist friend Tiffany contacted me to participate in a mutually beneficial gig at UC Berkeley. Essentially, I’d traipse up Bancroft to their basement digs and put my sight on the line as a study subject for the sake of research and cash in my pocket. Compensation for the studies I participated in ranged anywhere from $20 to a couple hundred depending on length and frequency of appointments among other variables. It was actually a pretty sweet deal, considering my sister and I lived right at the intersection of Shattuck and Bancroft, and my un/underemployment afforded me the flexibility to traipse up and down multiple times a day for studies that required interval visits.

Also, I got to visit one of my favorite people at work in the middle of the week. Win. Win. Win.

throwback photo of me & Tiffany accidentally twinning in SF 

Between my big-girl-job schedule and Tiffany moving to Sacramento, I probably won’t be participating in any more studies, but it’s deeply satisfying to look back at God’s faithfulness and the creative ways He knits together the needs in our lives like friends and financial provision.

Annnd that’s my final “Job I’ve Had” installment, y’all!! I’ll just be building registrations and mopping studio floors until I get wifed up and dip… or some other glorious and unforeseen (and surprisingly unglamorous) opportunity befalls me.


so be truly glad. there is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for a little while. 1 Peter 1:6

~ b

3 responses to “jobs i’ve had: honorable mention”

  1. that looked like a weird emotionless comment…!?!? Basically this “jobs I’ve had” series was all kinds of awesome and I’m sad it’s over but glad you don’t have to do any more traipsing!!!



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