diary of a single twenty something

On my way home from work, I had the great idea to make breakfast nachos for dinner and take photos with which to blog about it later. After laying in my floor for 10 silent minutes, I ended up toasting left over pancakes and slathering them in butter, syrup, and walnuts while George Ezra sang baritoned pop tunes from the poor quality speakers of my iPhone because I was too lazy to hook it up to my speakers 16 feet away. Now I’m shoving my face with White Cheddar “Skinny Pop” popcorn and M&Ms in my derrière delicates.

Photo on 7-21-16 at 5.35 PM #2

Photo on 7-21-16 at 5.35 PM #3

It’s cool if you judge me for using photo booth in 2016. My baby sister does. #hatersgonnahate

Photo on 7-21-16 at 5.38 PM #2

What a time to be alive.

~ b



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