Happy Weekend, lovelies! I haven’t posted about music in quite some time, so I figured I’d share what constitutes a great deal of my auditory vibe at the moment:

I first stumbled upon Pepa Knight via the soundtrack to Bella Vita which is one of my new favorite stories. Since then I have been listening to two of their songs on ridiculous repeat: Clams and Rahh!. I think Jinja Safari was a related album purchase in iTunes, and I found myself entirely enamored with the album artwork for their second [I think] record, Locked by Land. I have also subsequently downloaded their self-titled album which has less striking album art [in my internet opinion], but still good music.

Lastly, because they’re all similarly vibed, I figured I’d toss in Seryn which is a group I came across in my college days and still enjoy shuffling into playlists from time to time. All of the aforementioned serve well for what I refer to as ‘stationary traveling music’ ~ the songs that help you reach certain parts of your insides and sit with the questions and dreams and hopes and prayers that you have.

In other news I invested in a Godin left-handed classical guitar yesterday, sooo yah. Super stoked about that and will dedicate a full post in the next day or so!!!

via the ol’ instagram: @folkbird


happy listening

~ b


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