On Saturday, after Pre-ballet, I transited my way over to Ocean Beach for an entirely unstructured afternoon of let’s see where the grey may take us. My friend KL and I had planned to meet up at some point over the weekend, and since I needed the ocean and her baby shower gig got cancelled [she’s a harpist], we met up in the Outer Sunset and made our way inward. While sitting in the sand listening to Barcelona from George Ezra, I thought it might be fun to go look at instruments because I have felt a strong internal encouragement to pull the trigger on that investment over the past week. After deciding to get a second tattoo last Monday, I realized I should probably spend that money on a guitar. #priorities. By Wednesday, I had stopped into the Starving Musician in Berkeley, but they couldn’t meet my lefty nylon needs. The guy working there that day was exceptionally friendly, though, which has never happened any of the other times I’ve been there.

Enyhoo, KL and I eventually decided to go Haight and ended up grabbing coffee on the way. Inspired by a surprisingly well crafted mocha and the lure of instant gratification, I was absolutely in a semi-impulse purchase kind of mood.

Just when I had basically given up on going home with a brand new guitar I could play right away [and not have to have modified], the sales clerk popped over and I figured I should at least ask if they had any left handed classicals I was overlooking. And they did. Hollapraize. KL happened to have a tuner on her iPhone which honestly made such a big difference in my decision to buy. The guitar was so out of tune that I couldn’t really get a feel for a personal connection and sound quality. Life is so much better with friends!! haha. And also strangers who like to see other people enjoying their lives. There were two guys in the classical room who were totally cheering me on. I’m pretty sure one of them always hangs out at the surf shop I frequent; he looked pretty familiar, and until Saturday I didn’t realize how close to Ocean Beach Haight/Ashbury is.

I had the sales guy hold the guitar for me behind the counter and KL and I high tailed it back to the Wells Fargo I had happened to notice on the way to music store. We had about 30 min, which was plenty of time but still provided a fun rush for two very structured introverts who hardly live on the wild side…aside from being artists in the Bay Area. ha. At any rate, our two friends from the classical room were on their way out by the time we got back and noticed me making my purchase. The one guy was so stoked on my behalf, so that was fun.

So yah, I am slowly building my instrument collection with the new addition of my Canadian Godin La Patriae. Apparently, the makers of these instruments forest their own trees with sustainable methods. So the sales guy was told. ha.

When taking the following photos of the guilded, pearly white tuning pegs, I thought about how far I have come from tuning my first guitar with a pair of Ikea pliers.

God is good, amen.

~ b


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