So last night, I made a batch of almond + cashew butter ‘monster’ cookies. My mental to-bake list included oh I bet an almond/cashew butter mix would be pretty tasty!, and since I’m in between grocery trips at the moment, I figured last night was the perfect opportunity to test it out. The ‘monster’ effect really only comes in with the size of the cookies and the fact that I used M&Ms instead of chocolate chips because that’s all I had.

I also took it upon myself to bounty-hunt and email one of my online dating profile matches because neither of us are subscribed at the moment and also he’s supercute and loves Jesus and surfs in the whole wide ocean. Surprisingly, at least four of my siblings were on board with it. ha. Go big or go home.

happy thursday

~ b



2 responses to “of risk & reward”

  1. Love that the almond butter says “extra room to stir” when really doesn’t that just mean “we’re giving you less than a full container but making it sound like a perk?” Can you tell I’m sour over the price of fancy nut butters??

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