Y’all. So one of the bread-stuffs I miss the most is [are?] bagels. Bagels are amazing and versatile and about as bready as bread can get, so it’s rare that I ever take my gluten chances on an actual glutinous bagel. I usually just go without because I’d rather abstain than be consistently disappointed by counterfeits. HOWEVER, I recently stumbled upon some brand of bagels that I actually can’t remember because I threw the wrapper away, but I’m sure I’ll recognize them next time I’m in Whole Foods or that hipster grocery store down by Ocean Beach. TBH, I wasn’t really feeling the first bite I took, but something magical happened thereafter and I went on a week long bagel binge.

Hashtag no ragrets.


A few weeks ago I ordered this lit World Surf League sweatshirt and it’s basically amazing. Here’s a photo of me in said sweatshirt with no makeup soaking Agatha the air plant. Cause that’s how I roll.


três: This is my two-hundredth post!!

Happy Monday.

~ b


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